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Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything

                                            J.W. Goethe


Classical Dressage training and instruction by European trained instructor Angela Paltram.

25 years experience of successfully training horses and riders.


Emphasis on horse and rider partnership. The horse must be happy, pain free and trusting of his rider to be able to perform successfully at his full potential.









Angela Paltram

A native of Austria, Angela began riding at a very early age. While growing up and pursuing her riding goals in Austria she was fortunate to receive tutelage from Ernst Bachinger, a former chief-rider and director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and five time Austrian Champion. After moving to the USA, she continued her education with former SRS chief-rider, the late Karl Mikolka, Guenther Seidel, Shannon Peters, Mette Rosenkranz and Christine Traurig.

She believes that a fit horse is a happy horse and continually strives to ensure her horses receive the care they need in order to maintain their health, fitness and contentment. Her professional team of veterinarians, chiropractors, saddle fitters and farriers are top of their field and readily available to her clients to assess any issue.

By offering her twenty five years of experience, student riders benefit from her focus on balance, position and the importance of conquering the basic elements of dressage. She is able to teach riders at the beginner levels as well as riders riding FEI. Jumpers who want to improve their flat work, or horses that need rehab are also welcome at AP Dressage.


Angela recently went through judges licensing for Western Dressage with the NAWD association. This association offers virtual shows to give those riders who have a difficult time to get to showgrounds an opportunity to present their skills in front of judges. She is very exited to have the opportunity to help a broader audience to improve their skills.

Angela holds an MBA from the University of San Diego.

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click pic to visit NAWD to learn more about Western Dressage & online showing

Nature can exist without art, but art can never exist without nature.

                                                                                          Alois Podhajsky




Albert Gesierich



Albert was head trainer of the United states Royal Lipizzaner Stallions in the 1990s. He received his riding education and certification to become a licensed national Riding Instructor in his native country of Austria. Along the way he worked as a student rider in the famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna and competed in higher level national Three Day Eventing championships. His expertise and passion lies in the training and instruction of horse and rider in the art of classical dressage, work in hand and airs above the ground.

Albert is available for clinics in San Diego as well as globally.

For more information and scheduling please contact Angela Paltram 1.619.322.7433

Click picture to go to Albert's Website

Johannes Beck-Broichsitter


Johannes is head trainer and owner at his private facility in Northern Germany, he is a German FN certified Master trainer. He focuses on teaching classical dressage from beginner level to FEI. Johannes authored two books emphasizing the importance of lateral work and rider position.

He is also proficient with work in hand, should students be interested in learning to teach their horses lateral work from the ground.

His principal influences have been Johann Riegler, former Chief-rider at the SRS of Vienna, Phillipe Karl, former rider of the Cadre Noir de Saumur, as well as his parents, both FEI Grand Prix riders and FN certified trainers. He is available for sessions on a bi-annual basis.

For more info please contact Angela Paltram 1.619.322.7433



Angela Paltram

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