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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Full Training

    Every month
    • 16+ sessions per month and 3 turnouts
    • basic grooming, supplemental feeding and lunch hay
    • extra feed, vitamines & hay will be charged accordingly
  • Partial Training

    Every month
    Dressage and Western Dressage
    • 12 sessions per month
    • (No horse care is included in the price of this plan)
  • Lesson Package

    Every month
    Private lesson on lesson horse
    • 2 lessons per week + partial lease of school horse
    • Private training
    • please review Terms and Coditions by clicking on service
  • lesson package

    Every month
    single lesson without package $120 with school Horse
    • 4 lessons, school horse included, no specific horse reserved
    • Please review terms & conditions by clicking on service
  • 4 Lesson Package

    Every month
    Regular lesson price $95 within package $90
    • please review Terms and Conditions by clicking on service
    • this package does not provide a school horse
  • Full Care Package

    Every month
    Need care for horse lay up?
    • 5 turnouts per week, supplemental feeding& lunch hay feeding
    • required by all who are not in a full or partial training
    • feed and hay will be charged extra
  • Extras

    Please be aware of these extra costs and chose when needed.
    Valid for one year
    • Vet assistance and collic watch $25/hr
    • Blanketing $50
    • Worming $5 plus cost of wormer if not provided
    • Shavings $95 for 8 bags/month
    • clipping $100-$175 prices vary
  • video-test

    Evaluation of your ride from a judges point of view
    • Video tape a practice test ride and send us a
    • you tube link. Angela will view the tape and critique it
    • you will receive indepth evaluation with feedback on what
    • needs to be improved, seat, and effectivness of aids
    • payment via venmo or cell. Please contact us for info



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